28 octobre 2005

A la barre du GOLIF

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Forum sur le GOLIF : http://golif-passion.forumactif.com/


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    Sending a Golif

    My very much loved 1964 Golif needs to be sold. It lies in berth 35 of Camille Rayon Port in Golfe-Juan. Anybody interested should know that my Golif is in good conditions and that I would like to sell it for 1500 Euros. My name is Vincenzo Sepe. I Live in Pavia (North-West Italy) and my mobile is +39-349-730-9298. My email is vincenzo.sepe@gmail.com. If you like it you may see it on: http://www.boatshop24.com/web/it/suchen/s/index.htm?showid=1647269.


    Posté par Vicenzo Sepe, 24 avril 2009 à 22:03 | | Répondre
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